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Service for Truckers

At Century Service, we specialize in Trucker's electronic needs.  You can count on us to install quality products with quality factory look installation.  Guaranteed!

CB Radio
CB Radios

We carry an extensive line of Uniden CB radios.

Power Inverter
Power Inverters

We offer only a top notch power inverter lineup .  Ask about pricing.

Cell Phone Booster
Cell Phone Amplifiers

We carry the Wilson brand of cell phone amplifiers. 


  • Greatly reduces dropped calls, extends signal range, and increases data rates

  • No physical connection to your cell phone or data card

  • Multiple phones and cellular data cards to be used simultaneously

  • Amplifies signals both to and from the cell tower

CB Antenna
CB Antennas

Wilson, along with Hustler and Highwayman is the brands of CB antennas we carry.  The Wilson Little Wil is one of our most poplular. 

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