Mobile Video

We carry a number of different mobile video suppliers.  Here we will highlight our best sellers from Rosen & Advent

Rosen AV7700 Seat Back Video

  • For Active Head Restraint equipped vehicles.
  • only 1-1/2” thick
  • covered back cases to match vehicles seating.
  • 2-way up-down tilt
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 2 Fold Flat Headphones
  • 7" Hi-Res Digital LCD Display
  • Media Sharing Between Displays
  • Tilt Screen

Rosen AV7900 Headrest Replacement Series

  • Tablet-look styling
  • 7.0" Hi-Res LCD display
  • capacitive touch controls
  • configurable system
  • matched to vehicles factory seating materials

6 system configurations available:

  1. Dual-DVD
  2. Single DVD w/ iPod™/iPhone™ Dock
  3. Single DVD w/ Monitor
  4. Dual iPod™/iPhone™ Docks
  5. Single iPod™/iPhone™ Dock w/ Monitor
  6. Dual Monitors


  • Switchable 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio
  • Interchangeable shale, pewter and black trim rings and snap-on covers
  • USB reader
  • Audio/video inputs and outputs
  • Integrated IR headphone transmitter
  • Built-in 100 channel FM modulator with FM transmitter functions (use optional FMDIRB for a hardwire FM modulator)
  • 2 wireless headphones
  • Last position memory
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