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We are a custom shop.  We may be asked to work with some of today's most complicated vehicles.  Quality can be second to none. We want our customers to return because they were pleased with our work.  It is for that reason, whatever the vehicle, new or old, we treat it as if it was our own.  Remote Starters, Hitches and Wiring, Car Audio, Emergency Lighting

If its in the kit, it goes into the vehicle

All to often, people bring us their poor quality installations from our competitors.  For whatever the reason, generally poor installation, their new equipment doesn't work.  Safety items, like hood pins, are left out of the installation, options are not turned on, crimp on connectors.  These are just some of the things we find.  all this is done to save the installers time.  Not with us.  Not ever! 

Car Starter Kit
Split loom for the factory look

We use split loom in areas, like under the hood, to dress wires. Gives your car that factory look.

Splitloom applied to car wiring
Tied and tucked away

Nothing worse than getting an under dash wiring job done, and the wires fall out on to your feet after a few driving sessions.  We tie the wires securely wherever they may need to be run.  We remove and replace panels, headliners, anything that needs to be done to tuck the wires away out of site.  Our ultimate goal is factory look, not shade tree mechanic.

Wiring properly tied
Adapters and Interfaces

No chop jobs here.  We will use the proper adaptersand interface modules.  When the job is done, your new component will work with the the onboard systems of todays hightech autos and trucks

Interface Module

Soldered connections only - NO Crimp on butt connectors

Although soldering every connection is more time consuming than just using crimp on connectors, we feel the customer deserves the best. Having your vehicle fail because the installation was done with crimp on connectors or any other type of short cut, is unacceptable.  Poor quality work is better left to our competitors.

Soldered connections
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