We are a full service repair shop

We live in a throw away society.  That doesn't mean you have to.  You invest many of your hard earned dollars in your electronic toys and equipment.  Throwing them away because they no longer function my not be an option for you, especially if it can be repaired at a resonable price. 

Century Service - Board level electronics repair
Component level bench repair


Century Service is a component level repair facility.  We replace non-functioning components, re-solder bad traces, clean and replace.  We fix both Low Voltage or High Voltage components.  Today's complicated electonics require expert diagnostics and repair solutions.


Do you have something you think could use fixing?  

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Century Service - TV and electronics repair
TV & Electronic repair for your home or auto


We repair all makes and models of TVs including HD, 4K, Plasma, LCD, LED, Projection.  Microwave ovens, Radios, DVD Players, Stereo Systems, Record Players, Tape players, Satellite recievers,  Auto video systems, auto radio, etc.....  In other words, we do it all!  

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Guitar and Bass Amplifier repair

Is your baby sick?  Bring it to us.  We can bring it back to life. 

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Dash Cluster Repair

Century Service can fix & recondition most dash clusters for most vehicles including GM, Ford, Chrysler.  Lights, motors, recalibration and more. 

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Century Service - Dash Cluster Repair

A few more of the automotive items we repair!

  • Factory car audio

  • Heater Controls

  • Info Centers

  • Power Windows

  • Cruise control

  • Mobile Video

  • Power Door Locks

  • Heated Seats

  • Automotive Lighting

  • Aftermarket Car Audio

  • Most other 12v systems

Looking for used and/or refurbished electronics?

We sell a wide variety of refurbished / used electronics. TV's, amplifiers, stereo systems, car audio decks and more.  See our ads here: 

Manufacturer's authorized repair depot

Century Service - Refurbished Televisions
Century Service - BBB

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