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Frequently Asked Questions 

Want to know why we do what we do, or even how?  This is the place to find out.  If you don't see your question here, don't be afraid to send us a one.

Why and when did you move?


There was a number of factors that influenced our decision to move in June of 2016.  The biggest factor being the limited space.  We had out grown the old location and found the perfect location for us in our new location at 175 S. Edgeware St Thomas.  For example, we went from 3 bays to 9 bays for doing installations.  We expanded to a real show room to show the lines of products we have been carrying for years but been unable to display them, and a number of other fantastic advantages of having a much better place.

If you would like to ask more questions feel free to give us a call or come visit us, we will be happy to explain and show you around.

Is it true, you are not related to the other company still on Talbot St. in St. Thomas?

Yes it is true!  CENTURY SERVICE has served the people of the St Thomas and London area since 2001.  Although we shared space and phone numbers, we are and always have been a separate company from the other century. We were Renters, they were Landlords.  We are in no way related or affiliated with any person or company residing in our old location on Talbot street.

Do you install products purchased from other retailers?  

Yes of course, we install SELECT products purchased elsewhere for you.  You will still get our fantastic warranty on the installation portion of the job.  The only thing you should be aware of is, it can be difficult to diagnose product issues when we don't carry the same products.  If our installation is found at fault, there would be no charge for diagnosis.  BUT if the product purchased elsewhere is found to be faulty, we may charge for diagnostics since it is beyond our control.  It is for this reason, we highly recomend you by our high quality products from us.

How come your website does not show pricing?

We get asked this quite often.  Century Service is a custom shop.  Everything we do is very application specific.  Some items are not available for some cars.  Some items require additional modules or harnesses, depending on the installation.  It's not as simple as just displaying a price.  We don't want to be the guys who nickel and dime you, or low ball our price only to add, add, add, once you come in.  We leave that kind of business to our competition.  You can call us and get a price usually within 5 minutes.  When you come to us, you will know the exact price, right to the penny.  Period

What is your warranty?

Lifetime warranty on installation workmanship, or as long as you own the vehicle.  The products that we sell are manufacturer's warranties.  

Do you offer a loaner vehicle while you work on mine?

No we don't, but, if you are in the St. Thomas area, we will drop you off at work or home and pick you up when finished.  Good old fashion service!

Do you price match?

No. Our products are competitivley priced.  We actually have some of our competitors price matching us.   Our customers expect top quality service & installation, along with top quality products.  We hide nothing and take no short cuts. Cutting prices means cutting quality.  We will not do it.  That is why our customers come back year after year.  

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