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Here at CENTURY SERVICE, we offer a huge catalog of the latest products such as: Remote Starters, Hitches and Wiring, Car Audio, Emergency Lighting and so on.  All are covered by comprehensive warranties and our guaranteed customer satisfaction. Call us or come and see us in-store, for prices and availability.  We’d love to meet you.

What do our customers think?


"These guys did a professional job installing a remote start that I brought to them, it was a 2012 Ridgeline, soldered all connections. No wonder why these guys have such a good reputation."

David Walker

"Awesome knowledgeable service. Stand behind there products and labour
Great quality place"

Mathew R.

"So far so good. they did a great install job from what l can see of the work that was done. Nice, clean and organized shop and a pleasant atmosphere. No BS and they'll tell you the best way to have your equipment installed."

Dan Runions

Excellent service! Took the time to “walk through”
the procedures of the install. Never felt rushed!

Randy Permins

"They were all true, what other’s have said. Best place to go
Very happy with the service, number 1 place for me………try them"

Shayne Pye

"Great staff and repair ability.  I asked for two things to be fixed, but they found the problem with ease and ended up fixing numerous problems with the simple fix. Would recommend this business to anyone looking for any electrical issues with vehicles, tv's or stereos. Thanks Jeff!"

Brian Sheen

"Brought our plasma TV into be repaired.  Couldn't be happier with the service.  Professional repaired,  informative, reasonably priced and friendly.  Saved me a ton money by convincing me that the TV after it would be repaired would  be a better quality TV than most currently on the market."

Jamy Sousa

"Very nice customer service. They offered me wifi and a demonstration for my remote start. Really good price compared to other locations. Very friendly workers and clean store/shop."
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